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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my UPS Account?
Should I ship it myself (via the internet, PayPal, or my own UPS account)?
How do you determine shipping prices?
How do you pack cartons for shipment?
When will my shipment arrive?
Do I have to buy insurance?
What International Shipping services are available?
How can I get a pricing estimate for a shipment?
What are my options for odd size items that may need special packaging?
I am moving to another state and need to move assorted items. How can you help me?
What items cannot be shipped?
Do you mark up your UPS charges?
Do you mark up your postal service charges?


Can I use my UPS Account?
We are not capable of charging any expenses to your UPS Account. We are not UPS, we are privately owned. You can make payment by cash, credit card, or check or by establishing a House Account with our store. But remember, when you ship through our store, you get the lowest UPS retail rate available, GUARANTEED! And you support a locally owned business which, in turn, supports your neighborhood.

Should I ship it myself (via the internet, PayPal, or my own UPS account)?
No, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. You are guaranteed to get the same rate OR LESS than you would pay on-line or at the UPS counter.
  2. When you ship on your own, mistakes are far more likely. You assume the responsibility for incorrect weight or size, which will incurr additional shipping costs. PayPal in particular has proven to be quite inaccurate.
  3. Accounts are hit with fees and other charges, such as address correction fees, oversize fees, account maintenance, pickup, etc....
  4. We handle all damage and loss claims when you ship through us. This can be a complex and daunting process, and you'll be stuck with doing it yourself if you ship on your own.
  5. UPS now charges for returned (undeliverable or refused) packages if you ship them yourself. That fee is waived if you ship through us.
  6. Shipping here means you are supporting a local business, rather than paying the nameless, faceless corporate monolith. We, in turn, support our community by providing first-rate services that are otherwise not available, and at fair prices. We also donate to local non-profits and hire local residents.
  7. UPS Ground services are now priced based on dimmensional weight. Sound confusing to you? It is. Let us ship it for you. We're not confused.

How do you determine shipping prices?
Shipping prices are based on the size and weight of the parcel or cubic weight, plus the travel distance of the shipment; generally the larger the size and weight and the greater the distance, the higher the price. Pricing for very large parcels, even though lightweight, could fall outside of the general weight and distance pricing based on “Oversized” calculations. This pricing is calculated by the amount of space the parcel occupies in the trailer or container.
Shipments requiring special handling or insurance will incur additional costs.
UPS Ground shipments costs are now calculated based on dimmensional weight. It's too complicated to discuss here, but we know how to get you the lowest price.

How do you pack cartons for shipment?
All parcels are packed in compliance with UPS’ guidelines for automated handling. Cartons will move from the local truck through sorting at a parcel center or "hub" on to conveyor belts to various shipping methods, (trailer or container). To accommodate the millions of items shipped daily, the parcels must be moved quickly through the parcel centers manually and by conveyor. At times the cartons may actually “tumble” when they are automatically transferred from one conveyor to another. Adequate protection is required to ensure the contents’ safety.
Depending on the fragility of the contents of the items, packing will consist of a layer of foam “peanuts” allowing at least two to three inches of clearance from any side wall of the carton. As the fragility of the item increases, it will be wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap along with peanuts. For highly fragile items, special cushioning, bracing, and cartons are used in addition.
We use cartons designed for shipping with strength meeting the requirements for automated handling. Special purpose cartons, (for example; storage, file and moving boxes) are not designed for shipping and are therefore not recommended. Used corrugated and other types of fiber boxes are not used.

When will my shipment arrive?
We offer multiple services; Ground, Three Day Select, 2nd Day and Next Day for the continental United States. Delivery to destinations outside the United States are two to four business days in country, followed by the amount of time required to clear customs. All delivery time estimates are in “Business Days,” not including Holidays and Weekends. Saturday service is available for an extra charge. We also offer various US Postal Service options, such as Priority mail.

Do I have to buy insurance?
One hundred dollars of insurance is included in your UPS service price. Additional insurance is available as needed. Insurance is protection for your shipment if your parcel is damaged or lost. We do, however, strongly recommend that you insure your package for its full value. If you do not insure it, you could lose out if it's lost or damaged.

What International Shipping services are available?
DHL and UPS offer service to virtually anywhere on the globe. The documentation for International Shipping is more detailed than domestic service. Please allow time to complete the paperwork while visiting the Store. Average time is 10 to 15 minutes. We can also ship overseas via the Postal Service.

How can I get a pricing estimate for a shipment?
Have the following information available: Parcel size including length, width, & height, plus the weight and destination zip code. Then, get a quote by clicking the Shipping Estimates link at the top of this page. You can also call the store. Remember, this is a store and we may be waiting on customers when you call. Please be patient with us as we continue to help those customers.
Also remember that an estimate is only as good as the information you give us. We will do our best to get you the most accurate estimate, but once we weigh and measure your item, the estimate could change.
Due to the complexity of international shipments, we do not give international shipping quotes over the phone.

What are my options for odd size items that may need special packaging?
We offer custom packaging services for items that do not fit our generally available corrugated box styles. We design and fabricate packaging for shipments that have unique requirements. Art work (paintings, sculptures, models), furniture, automotive parts (wheels, tires, interior components), large electronics (servers, musical keyboards, oversized monitors, speakers, amplifiers) are a few examples.

I am moving to another state and need to move assorted items. Can you help me?
We do it all the time. We'll pack and ship it for you, and even hold it in our store for a few days if need be.

What items can't be shipped?
Hazardous items, such as pressurized containers and chemicals. Also, we cannot accept firearms or animals. You need to contact UPS directly for these items.

Do you mark up your UPS charges?
No. UPS pays us a commission, so you pay exactly the same as if you went to the UPS hub in South Philly or Horsham. Not a penny more. Guaranteed.

Do you mark up your postal service charges?
Yes, we do. Quite simply, we offer postal services as a convenience to our customers. We wait in line at the Post Office, so you don’t have to. The Post Office charges us the same as they charge you. As a retail business, our livelihood is based on being able to charge more for our products than what we pay for them. This is the nature of all retail stores. No store can stay in business without marking up prices over cost in order to pay the rent, payroll, etc. If this is unacceptable to you, we completely understand your feelings. Please understand our reasoning. You’re still free to use the post office and stand in line yourself.

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