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2417 Welsh Rd
Phila PA 19114
Blue Grass Plaza
Near PNC Bank & NetCost Market
8:30 - 6:00
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Virtual Doorman

We can safely sign for and hold your packages and Messenger drop-offs for you, even your dry cleaning!!. You can then pick up the package at your convenience.

What are the advantages of this service ?
The main advantage is that you no longer need to re-arrange your schedule to be home for a package delivery, particularly when delivery windows cover a number of hours.
Another advantage is not having to deal with missed delivery attempts and the disappointment of finding another yellow "Delivery Missed" stickie on your door.

What are the fees for this service?
There is a $5 fee per package received, payable when you pick up your package. Heavier and larger packages may incur a higher charge.

If a package is not picked up by the 5th day after receipt, we reserve the right to send it back.

What types of packages do we accept?
We can receive packages up to 50 lbs. in weight.
We can accept packages delivered by common carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, as well as messenger drop-offs and private deliveries (dry-cleaners, flowers, etc.) Freight deliveries are not accepted.

This service does not include deliveries of the US Postal Service (Mail). Per federal law, rental of a mailbox and completion of a Mailbox Service Agreement is required for US Mail receipt.

Have packages sent to:

Your Name
c/o Philly Shipping
2417 Welsh Rd #21
Philadelphia, PA 19114

What happens if a package gets lost or damaged?
All claims for loss or damage must be addressed to the sender or to the carrier involved in the transport.
We do not accept responsibility for damage to packages received. We do not evaluate the condition of the packages at the time of delivery. Packages that represent an obvious safety hazard will be refused delivery (i.e. leaking fluids or other substances, jagged edges, etc.) Freight and packages over 50 pounds are not eligible for this service.

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